September 21, 2021 Update

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While the precise start date for the Broad Street reconstruction project has yet to be set, it will likely start at the beginning of November.  The plan is to have the sanitary sewer line replacement begin first.  We will continue to keep you updated as the timing and construction timeline firms up.  
There are two things that property owners should consider doing now: 
Hiring a service to video your sanitary sewer lateral
This is especially important if you have had issues with your sanitary sewer line in the past.  
Some details regarding sanitary sewer lines:  
Typically, the Borough is responsible for the sanitary sewer line that runs down the center of the street and individual property owners are responsible for the pipe or lateral that runs from your building to the line in the center of the street.  As this project encompasses a total replacement of the sanitary sewer line in the street (and may change the depth or elevation of the line), the Borough will also be replacing the laterals from the pipe in the center of the street out to the curb.  A cleanout will be added just beyond the curb in the sidewalk. While this is a significant benefit to property owners, the pipe or lateral between the curb and your building is not being addressed by the Borough’s project and will still be the property owners’ responsibility.  This is the area that you should have a video analysis done on to make sure it is in acceptable condition.  If not in acceptable condition, this would be the best time to replace it.  Property owners would have to contract separately to do this, either with the contractor doing the Borough’s work or a contractor of your choosing.  If you do analyze your sewer lateral and determine it needs replacing, you can contact us and we can help you better understand the process for replacing it.  Many major plumbing and drain cleaning companies offer sewer video analysis services.  
Determine whether you should replace your water service
Similar to the sanitary sewer line, the Borough’s water utility is responsible for the water main in the street and each property owner is responsible for the water line (often referred to as water service) from your building to the line in the street.  If your water service needs to be replaced or upgraded, the Borough requires the use of their vendor or the contractor doing the Broad Street project.  It is harder to tell whether your water service needs to be replaced as water lines generally cannot be videoed.  Factors that can help you determine whether your water service needs to be replaced are:Low or inadequate water pressure Discolored water that only your property is experiencing Water infiltration where the water line comes into the basement Line is more than 50 years old For water quality reasons, you may also want to replace the water service if you know it is made of lead.  If you determine you want to replace your water line you can contact us and we can help you better understand the process to replace it and point you in the right direction.  
There are several reasons why we recommend the replacement of the water and sanitary sewer service during the Broad Street Construction:

You will save the cost of repairing/repaving the street. There are moratoriums on reopening the street after the construction is completed. The contractor doing the work on Broad Street may offer you a better price as they are already mobilized. While this is often the case it is not always, so it’s best to get a couple of estimates.For the common good, it would be best to have all the construction disruptions occur at one time. As mentioned earlier, we will continue to keep you updated throughout this process. If at any time you have questions, you can reach out to Glenn Carter, Executive Director at the RiverCenter – [email protected].
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