October 29, 2021 Update

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The Broad Street Improvement project is currently on target for an expected start date of November 8th.

As mentioned in prior newsletters, this project encompasses a:
– Complete replacement of the sanitary sewer line
– Upgrades to the storm sewer system
– Additional curb bump-outs
– Roadway resurfacing

It’s important to note that this work will be done in sections so the entirety of Broad Street is not affected at one time.

Some updates: The project will start on the Front Street end of Broad Street (Between Front and White)Work will be completed Monday-Friday, approximately 7:30am-5/6pmRoads will re-open after the completion of work each day Sidewalks will be accessible in the areas being worked on 
Additional Work – Notification Deadline 11/15/21
We have previously recommended that property owners should: 

1) Have a video analysis of the sanitary sewer lateral done from the clean out in your basement to the curb, or approximately 15’
2) Replace that portion of the sewer line if the video analysis shows there is a problem; and
3) Determine whether you want or need to replace your water service 
If you plan to move forward with the replacement of your portion of the sewer line or water service, please notify us here at the RiverCenter by NOVEMBER 15th. 
Once we are notified we can issue a quote from the Borough contractor and give next steps for permit requests and scheduling.  
Helpful Tips and Reminders
We recommend the video analysis of the sanitary sewer lateral first and that will determine whether you need to replace the sanitary sewer lateral.  This is a standard service performed by most sewer cleaning companies and many larger plumbers.  An internet search will reveal several local contractors that do this work.  There is no need to coordinate this with anyone or obtain any permits.  

Next determine whether you want to replace your water service.  Our September 21st update gave you some criteria to help you determine whether you should replace it. 

For the videoing of your sanitary sewer lateral you can use any contractor. For replacing your sanitary sewer lateral you will need a licensed plumber. For replacing your water service you will need to use Mark Woszczak, Mechanical Contractor, in Manasquan.  The Borough limits what contractors can tap into the water main as to avoid damages.   
Please note, this additional work is optional. There are several reasons why you should move forward with these recommendations, but you do not have to.

Thank you!
We appreciate any helpful feedback that could be passed along to others. For example, if you have the sewer line videoed, please let us know who did it, what they charged, and your experience with them. We would like to include that information in these updates.

As a reminder, if you plan to move forward with the recommended work, please notify the RiverCenter by NOVEMBER 15th.

QUESTIONS? Contact: [email protected]
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