November 5, 2021 Update

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November 5, 2021

The project is expected to commence Monday November 8th.  

Every Friday we plan to post what to expect the week ahead.  Understand that things happen with projects that can wreak havoc with the schedule, including weather, supply chain issues, regulatory issues, labor issues, unforeseen utilities in the way of the trenching, and the work progressing at a different rate than was anticipated. We will try to update the schedule timely to account for any changes as they occur. 

What to expect the week of Monday November 8th through Friday November 12th

  • Contractor will begin to set up construction staging area on a portion of the East side parking lots. 
  • The weeks work will be the replacement and/or relocation of three fire hydrants in the project area and the installation of two new water valves.  Some of the fire hydrants are being relocated so they do not take up a space that could otherwise be used for parking.  As part of this new valves and taps need to be installed for the new hydrants.  Little to no interruption in your water service is expected.  The three fire hydrant locations with timing are:
    • On the Eastern corner of Broad and Front Street in front of 3-5 Broad Street a fire hydrant and related valves and taps will be installed beginning November 8th and continuing through November 11th
    • The same type work will be taking place directly across from Wallace Street in front of 58 Broad Street on Wednesday the 10th and Thursday the 11th
    • Same for the north east corner of Canal and Broad from Wednesday the 10th through Friday the 12th

  • Additionally, there are two locations where valves will be added to the water line:
    • Intersection of Harding and Broad on Friday November 12th.
    • Intersection of Linden and Broad on Tuesday the 9th and Wednesday the 10th

Update on improvements you may want to make to your sewer lateral and water service:

As we suggested, some property owners have responded back to us regarding the videoing of their sanitary sewer line. 

From Ingeborg Perndorfer at 69 Broad Street:

My neighbor and I arranged to have the video done at the same time.  Dave Deigart, the owner of Roto Rotor in Middletown, came around 8:30 a.m. and took the video equipment to the basement.  It took about 20 minutes.  We saw what the inside of the sewer pipe looked like.  It was difficult for me to know what I was looking at, but Dave reviewed it and said the pipe looked fine.  I am confident now that once the Borough completes its work the sewer should be good for years to come.  The video cost each of us $250.  Less expensive because we did it together.

It is suggested that property owners have this video analysis and then replace any problem areas revealed by the video. 

Regarding upgrades to your water service:

  • The contractor doing the work for the Borough has opted not to do any additional private work on sewer laterals or water service for property owners. 
  • One property owner has requested a price quote for a water service replacement from the Borough’s pre-selected contractor for this work.  Request is pending.  Will pass along the experience and estimate once received. 
  • Anyone wanting to replace there water service should notify us by **November 15th**
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