November 10, 2021 Update

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Broad Street Update — Wednesday November 10, 2021

We are into day 3 of the Broad Street Improvements.  Work is progressing according to schedule, and even ahead of schedule in certain areas. There have been no major unanticipated issues. 

Water service has been maintained during the work on the water main. The contractor has been working with one particular building owner that will have a short interruption in their water service.  Red Bank police are working with the contractor to keep the travelway, sidewalks and parking open as much as possible.  To date, the contractor has generally finished work and has cleaned up by around 4:00 p.m.   The work on the waterline should finish this week.  The work on replacing the sanitary sewer line should start Monday. 

Remember to let us know if you plan on replacing/upgrading your water service or sanitary sewer lateral.  One property owner on the east side of Broad Street has ordered a new water service.  The cost was just under $6k.  As the water main runs down the east side of Broad Street, those on the east side should have similar costs to replace their water service. Those on the west side of town will likely have a slight increase in cost, as there is longer distance to replace.

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