November 24, 2021 Update

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Smoothing fresh concrete at the White St. entrance to English Plaza.

The construction will cease prior to Thanksgiving weekend and will resume on Monday, November 29.

Next Week’s Schedule:

  • 11/29-11/30 (Mon-Tues):  Continued work on sanitary sewer pipe/manhole between Front and Mechanic Streets.
  • 12/1-12/2 (Wed-Thurs) Sanitary sewer pipe/manhole will be replaced between Mechanic and White Streets.
  • 12/3 (Friday) New water valves will be installed at the intersections of Linden, Canal, Monmouth and Wallace Streets.
  • Throughout the week: Saw cutting of road surface will continue between Front and Harding.

Please make sure to review the contractor’s schedule: Here
(Please note: In the above schedule, SMH stands for Sanitary Man Hole. SMH#2 references the intersection of Mechanic Street, while SMH#3 references the intersection of White Street.)

Remember, this schedule is always subject to change. Continue to check for the latest information. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to RiverCenter.    

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving Weekend!

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