December 3 Update: 12/6-12/10 Schedule

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The construction schedule for the week of December 6th can by found by clicking the following link:

The contractor is adding a second crew so there should be a doubling of activity from prior weeks.  Here is some information to better understand the schedule:

  • SMH refers to Sanitary Man Holes.  The locations are:
    • SMH #1—Front Street
    • SMH #2—Mechanic Street
    • SMH #3 & 4—Whit Street
    • SMH #5—Wallace Street
    • SMH #6—Monmouth Street
    • SMH #7—Linden Street
    • SMH #8—Between Linden and Canal
    • SMH #9—Canal Street
    • SMH #10—Between Peters and Reckless
    • SMH #11-13—Reckless and Harding
  • Insertion valves refers to the additional shutoff valves being installed on the water mains.
  • Laterals are the sanitary sewer pipes connecting the sewer main to a new clean out in the sidewalk by the curb.  

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