December 17 Update & Schedule

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Broad Street Update

December 17, 2021

The construction schedule for the week of December 20th can be found through the following link:

To better understand the schedule, you will need to know the following:

  • SMH refers to Sanitary Man Holes.  The locations are:
    • SMH #1 — Front Street
    • SMH #2 — Mechanic Street
    • SMH #3 & 4 — White Street
    • SMH #5 —Wallace Street
    • SMH #6 — Monmouth Street
    • SMH #7 — Linden Street
    • SMH #8 — Between Linden and Canal
    • SMH #9 — Canal Street
    • SMH #10 — Between Peters and Reckless
    • SMH #11-13 — Reckless and Harding

Road closures for the week are expected to be:

  • Monday 12/20 Broad Street will be closed between Peters Place and Monmouth Street.
  • Tuesday 12/21 Broad Street will be closed between Linden and Peters Place. 
  • Wednesday 12/22 Broad Street will be closed between Harding Road and Peters Place. 

The contractor should be finishing up for the week early Thursday afternoon, cleaning up and moving most of the construction items off of Broad for the Holiday weekend.  

Regarding the water services and water main, the Borough is deciding what approach they will take.  A decision is expected within the next few days. 

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