January 14 Update

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January 14, 2022

Schedule: Week of January 17th: The construction schedule for the week of January 17th can be found by clicking the link below. As always, the schedule is weather permitting.  We anticipate the level of activity to be similar to last week.  

Expected Closures: 

  •  Monday 1/17 thru Friday 1/21:  Broad Street will be closed between W.Front Street and White Street. Mechanic Street will be local traffic only. 

Link to Schedule: https://tinyurl.com/Jan17Schedule

Water Service Update: Regarding the issue of replacing the water main and water services to individual properties:

Boroughs Initial Position

  • The Borough’s initial position was that the water services between the water main and the curb stop (the water shutoff just beyond the curb in the sidewalk) would be replaced by the contractor and charged back to the property owners at a cost between $5k-$7k per water service.  There was an estimated 70-100 services that would be replaced with the cumulative costs to all property owners between $350,000 and $700,000.   

Boroughs Current Position

  • The Boroughs current position is that the entire 8” water main throughout the project area is to be replaced.  The Borough’s policy when replacing a main is to also replace all the individual property services (unless they are fairly new copper) between the main and the curb stop at the Borough’s expense.  This position is expected to be formalized at the next Borough Council meeting. The cost to the Borough for this extra work is about $1.3M.  The Borough’s current position is the position advocated by RiverCenter.   

Expected Work for Property Owners

  • It is expected that the Borough will likely require that each property owner will then have to replace the water service between the curb stop and the meter, unless it was recently replaced.  It will also likely be required that any fire service lines be separated from the domestic water lines.  There are a few reasons for this:
    • Most municipalities already require the separation of fire and domestic water services.  This prevents the fire service from being turned off in the event the domestic service is interrupted due to a purposeful shutoff for plumbing work or for a shutoff related to non-payment. 
    • The water services under the sidewalk are typically in as bad shape as the ones under the road and are subject to failure.
    • Water pressure should improve with the replacement of the old galvanized lines which are constricted through their aging process.  
    • It is best to do all the work now so the likelihood of further construction disruptions in the future is significantly reduced.   

The issue with the water main and the replacement of individual services is quickly evolving.  We will continue to keep you updated as information comes in.  In the meantime it would be helpful if you could share with us your experience if you have recently replaced your water service between the curb stop and your meter.  Your comments on what contractor you used (must be a licensed plumber), the permitting process and costs would all be helpful so they can be shared on this platform.  

If you would like us to try and coordinate with a contractor for group pricing for the water services between the curb stop and the meter, please also let us know. 

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