January 21 Update

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1.21.22 Update

The Broad Street Construction schedule for the week of January 24th can be found by clicking the link below. As always it is subject to change – increasingly this time of year due to weather delays.  We anticipate the level of activity to be similar to this week. Note: The sanitary sewer line is being replaced on portions of Canal Street with work continuing into next week.

Schedule: Week of January 24: https://tinyurl.com/Jan24Schedule

Water Main Replacement
As indicated last week, the Borough is expected to authorize the replacement of the water main and all the services/laterals between the main and the curb stop (water shutoff near the curb).  This was initially the work the Borough was going to charge back to the property owners but have now indicated they will fund along with the water main. 

Property owners are still required to deal with the water service or laterals between the curb stop and the meter inside the building.  We expect the Borough will likely require each property owner to replace this portion of the water line.  As this may take some time, we strongly encourage you to start this process by following these steps:

  1. Identify a licensed plumber to undertake the work.  State plumbing code requirements necessitate the use of a licensed plumber. 
  2. Apply for permits(link below):
    1. Construction/plumbing permits. This must be signed by the licensed plumber.
    2. A street opening permit.
  3. Once you have your plumbing contractor and permits it is best, but not necessary, to coordinate with Montana Construction who is doing the work on Broad Street.  We can assist you with this coordination.  This is generally more relevant to the properties on the east side of Broad (odd #’s) as almost none of these water services have yet to be replaced.  Some services on the west side of Broad (even #’s) have already been replaced.  

A Broad Street property owner that has begun this process has indicated:

  • The plumbing permit took about 10 days and was $204.
  • The street (which includes the sidewalk) opening permit from Public Works was $35 and was issued a short time after application. 

We are working on getting some recommendations on plumbers to share in next weeks update. 


1. F100:  Construction Permit Application 
2. F101-CUPW: Consent to Undertake Proposed Work 
3. F130: Plumbing Subcode Technical Section 
4. Street Opening Permit

Link to download Packet: https://tinyurl.com/waterservicepermits

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