March 16 Update

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Progress Update: Work on the sewer line and water main has been completed and crews are now moving to replace the services/laterals from the main to the curb stop. A few important things to note during this process:

  1. While the borough is covering the portion from the main to the curb, property owners are still required to handle the water service or laterals between the curb and meter inside their building. In past project communication it was recommended that property owners evaluate and/or replace their portion in anticipation of this work being done. When Montana Group goes to make the connection between the two, your line will need to be in working order.
  2. The Montana crew has been moving rather quickly in both directions on Broad. Should they encouter an issue connecting to your individual line, it is imperative that you have a licensed plumber available to asses and potentially replace your portion of the water line. This work will need to addressed and completed while the street is open in front of your property. If you have already started plans for the replacement of your line, please let us know so we can coordinate the work with the construction crew. 

Regardless of whether or not your line will need to be replaced, please expect a short interruption of your water service while work is performed for your property. You will be notified by the contractor, Montana Construction, prior to the interruption of your water service. If you continue to see discoloration of water or experience any issues with clogging, please notify us so we can have someone sent out to promptly rectify the issue for you. 

Next weeks schedule and road closures will be posted on Friday afternoon (March 18). 

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